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快速清洗旋转阀可广泛应用于食品和医药行业的有高卫生要求的场合,拆卸方便,易于进行快速清理工作,符合高,要求的卫生标准。我公司现有两种快拆易清理旋转阀,一种是滑杆式,  另一种是快开门式,无死点,操作方便。








The products summary:

Quick cleaning type rotary valve is extensively used in the occasion which needs high hygienee requirements in food and medicine industry. The product is easy to disassemble and to clean so it conforms to high  hygiene standards. Now our company has two kinds of Quick cleaning type rotary valve. One is litter type, the other one is Quick-opening gate type, which is with nodead corner. Both of them are easy to operate.

1. Litter type:

The rotor can take out.easily.  VVhen the rotor was cleaned up push it into the valve,then tightening the positioning bolts.

2 Quick-open gate type:

Open the door, release the position bolts, take out the impeller Push it into the valve until cleaned it up,then tightening the positioning bolts. The advantage is the impeller can wash  in different localities.

The products characters:

1 .The shell and the mail Darts are accuracy and beautiful.

2.The rotor is easy to disassemble and clean.

3.Rotor has a variety of forms which is appl  wide rang of special materas. Rotor is bearing a multi-Iayered protection system to ensure long-term work.

4.The parts contacted with food are all used food-grade materials,which are processed and polished.


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